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 Tianzhong was formally named Tianjungyan, as it was located in the midst of rice paddies, and later officially got its current name during the Japanese colonial period. In the early Qing Dynasty it was part of Tai-wu East Fort and Dong-luo East Fort in Changhua County; early residents moved from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou area of Fujian Province (China) in the late period of Qianlong Emperor’s reign and the period of Jiaqing Emperor’s reign to settle in Sha-zi-lun of San-kui-cuo area (Now known as Sha-lunVillage).The inundation of Zhuoshui River in the 30th year of Daoguang Period had destroyed the village and the residents had to rebuild their village. Tianzhong was under the jurisdiction of Changhua Branch of Taichung County in the early Japanese ruling period, reformed and changed its jurisdiction to Naobeidou Branch of Taichung in the 3rd year of Republic of China and to Yuanlin County of Taichung in the 9th year of Republic of China; its name was changed to Tianzhong Zhuang and was upgraded as Tianzhong Street in the 29th year of Republic of China. After Taiwan restored its independency, Tianzhong was under the jurisdiction of Taichung County. Until the land readjustment took place in the 39th year of Republic of China, Tianzhong was then under the jurisdiction of Chuanghua County again. After the land readjustment in the 67th year of Republic of China, the number of the villages within Tianzhong reduced from 24 to 22. The residents of Tianzhong live a simple life in a peaceful atmosphere, as is the traditional spirit of Tianzhong. Under the leaderships of town heads, Tianzhong has been gradually transforming into a prosperous town from a rural community. With the boost of business and industry in recent years, such as flourmills, shoe factories and clothing manufacturing, Tianzhong leaps forward to a modernized town with the equally flourishing industrial developments.